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Happy expats cycling abroadWhy the Expat Life Abroad is So Great!

More than likely you know the obvious reasons to why becoming an expat can be a smart move. However, there are a number of reasons beyond pleasing currency exchange rates, and getting to travel frequently that you should know about. Read on to see 4 secrets why expat life is great!

You Will Be Adored

Depending on where you are going- this might even ring true in cities. Expect to have people want to chat with you simply because you’re from somewhere “exotic” and maybe even ask to take a photo of you.

You will View the World Like a Child

While most of the time calling someone childish may have a negative connotation- in this context it’s great. Living in a new country, especially one that has a culture that is vastly different from your own- can be a learning experience every day. You will notice small differences in most daily activities and start thinking about ways you can shake up your common routine- and maybe even make your life a little easier.

You’ll Talk to Family More Than Ever

Whether it’s the distance or that you have a lot of new travel stories to tell- you will more than likely keep in better contact with friends and family than when you were living in the same city back home. Keep a blog, get Skype and figure out a good time that works for both time zones and it will be a piece of cake to keep in touch while abroad.

You Appreciate your Favorite Treats Even More

All of your favorite items from back home will more than likely be really difficult to get your hands on in your host country. Because of this- once you find the expat store and get a taste of the candy bar or chips you’ve been missing it will taste even better!

Have your own great secret to why expat life is great? Leave a comment and share!

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