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Best Apps for Living AbroadOur Suggestions for Best Apps for Living Abroad

Technology has made the world of travel even more convenient! If you aren’t already taking advantage of apps to make your life easier- the time to start is now. Here are just a few great apps for living abroad and will hopefully make your time overseas run smooth.

  • XE Currency Converter – this is app is great for the initial transition and when you are getting used to your new currency. It’s also great if you make frequent trips to other countries as an expat. (See: Foreign Exchange Currency Providers)
  • DuoLingo – Want to learn the native language of your host country? This free app is a fun way to do so! Even if you’re already an expat, it’s never too late to start learning.
  • Travisa – Most useful for travelers that will be country-bouncing for a while, this app has the visa requirements for more than 200 countries.
  • Skype – If you’re an international traveler, you should know and frequently use Skype. Take Skype with you on the go with the free app.
  • Wi-fi finder – Finding an internet connection is not as easy as you might think it will be while traveling. This app will help you find the closest Wi-Fi to you.
  • Skyscanner – Search for cheap flights and get the latest updates. Great for the frequent flyer!

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If you have great apps for living abroad that aren’t mentioned here make sure you leave a comment on Facebook to share your favorite tool with other expats.

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