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Hurricane Irma has caused carnage throughout the Caribbean. Lives has tragically been lost and families torn apart by the most powerful Atlantic storm in history. Floods, power outages, and destruction of homes has left many without shelter, food, or water.

Many Expatriate Group staff have family and friends living in the Caribbean and affected by Hurricane Irma. Furthermore, many of our customers hail from the region or are on holiday there. Our very personal ties aside, we want to help everyone across the Caribbean who has become a victim of Hurricane Irma to receive the help they desperately need.

Donate to the Red Cross

Between the 11th and 15th of September 100% of the income generated by International Travel Insurance sales will be donated to the Red Cross Hurricane Irma Relief Appeal.

Visit our Hurricane Irma Red Cross Donation page to find out more information. If you do not require International Travel Insurance, visit the Red Cross website to donate or call 0300 023 0812 to donate via the phone.

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