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International medical insurance for expatriatesExpatriate Insurance – What to Consider

Many expatriates living overseas purchase an international health insurance plan to cover them at home, while traveling, and when they return to their home country. Depending on your situation, having one plan to cover you all over the world can be more advantageous than purchasing a separate travel plan or a short-term policy when you return to your home country.

Why Buy Expatriate Health Insurance Cover?

Having your own policy to cover you year after year can also be helpful as you grow older. Depending on where you live, coverage can be difficult to find if you are in your 60’s or older. Some plans are medically underwritten which would require that your plan be reviewed by an underwriter which could mean for some people exclusions, or even denial of coverage.

Pre-existing conditions. A pre-existing condition is a condition you had prior to beginning coverage. If you purchase a short-term plan or travel policy, you may find that these policies have specific exclusions or limitations for pre-existing condition coverage. However, if you have your international health insurance for expatriates you will maintain the same benefits on your plan no matter where you are. Before purchasing an expatriate medical insurance plan, be sure to ask if there are any restrictions in the coverage area.

Under many comprehensive international medical insurance plans, you can to continue coverage under a senior plan or to maintain lifetime coverage under the policy. If you decide to purchase an international health insurance for expatriates, you will want to confirm if you can renew your plan annually without medical questions and be sure to ask if there are any age restrictions.

Another benefit for international medical insurance plans is that you do not need to decide your future now. Do you want to stay abroad? Do you think you will move back home? Are you going to do extensive traveling? All of these questions do not have to be answered if you have a flexible plan that will travel wherever you are.

One popular option is the Cigna Global Health Insurance. This plan is designed to cover individuals all over the world, including in their home country. While the plan is individually underwritten, you can renew the plan every year without medical questions. Additionally, this plan is designed to cover you as you age. Once you are enrolled in the international health insurance plan for expatriates, you will get lifetime coverage which would allow you to keep comprehensive coverage all around the world.

If you have any questions, contact an International Insurance Broker for more information about a right plan for you.

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