The thing was that the developer and operator of the blog moved out to work in Saudi Arabia in 2014 and created this blog to let her family, friends, and friends know about their experiences and observations in a traceable form.

Thinking that these experiences are useful or interesting for others, the blog was public at the beginning, so anyone who was looking for the subject could find it.

According to statistics, the site received many interests and subscribers during the first year; more returning readers to the blog.

In 2015, there was a need to publish other expatriates working abroad, to make their experiences, to read others to reduce the feeling of otherwise very isolated isolation that often intercepts people in the foreign world:

“I have some workplace relationships, and I often feel quite alone and isolated. I can imagine maybe another Hungarian is in the same situation. What if we were to open at least one forum where we occasionally report about our lives and experiences, or maybe we could ask for advice. ”

So from the summer of 2015, the page will continue as a community blog, if there is interest there.

We’re happy to see all the people interested in the subject and share their experiences. They will find instructions in the Registration menu.

Anyone who would like to read the posts on the blog can sign up for the new entries on the top of the page.

We wish everyone a pleasant and useful community experience!

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